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GS Ambassadors


what is a governor's school ambassador?

Alumni understand that the Governor’s School experience gets into your head (and your heart) and sets up camp, usually for life.  Alumni, young and old, embrace its ideals and carry them forward making contributions of great impact, all over our state and far beyond.  As luck would have it, many also cycle that impact back to the Governor’s School of their roots, contributing time, talents and financial resources to making the life-changing experience a reality for future generations.

The new Governor’s School Ambassador designation recognizes and celebrates this loyal devotion of alumni and friends to the future of the Governor’s School.  We invite anyone with a sustained interest in the program to sign up and identify as an Ambassador.

How can I make a difference?

VOLUNTEER as little or as much time as you have!  The Governor’s School Foundation and the Governor’s School Alumni Association are entirely volunteer led.  We are looking for individuals to serve as class captains who will coordinate regional activities.  We also have specialized opportunities for Ambassadors with skills in graphic design, web design, videography and fundraising.  Apart from formal opportunities, we desire a willing and able army of supporters ready to consider ad hoc projects as they arise.

INVEST through regular contributions, planned giving or personal fundraising efforts. Your contributions underpin the scholarships that make Governor’s School accessible to all admitted students.  They support special programming that elevates the experience for every participant.  Please make an annual gift of money or securities and consider the Foundation in your planned giving decisions (see Tax Benefits from Other Types of Gifts). Multiply your impact by hosting your own fundraising activities in support of the Foundation. We would love to bring your creative ideas to fruition.  There are simple fundraising activities such as designating the Governor’s School Foundation as your non-profit of choice, when you shop through AmazonSmile.    

AMPLIFY social media and advocacy efforts. Follow the Governor’s School Foundation and become a part of the Governor’s School Alumni Association group on Facebook.  Or, find us on Twitter at @ncgsfoundation and @ncgsaa.  In the past, when you’ve spoken, our legislators have listened!  In both 2012 and 2017, following periods of budget crisis, your personal stories influenced the vote to preserve Governor’s School.  We may call on Ambassadors to support future growth efforts through activities like legislator outreach and letters to the editor.  

So, are you ready to make a difference and increase your netowrking connections as a Governor’s School Ambassador?  We look forward to drawing you even more tightly into a community that never really leaves you.




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